We are all born with a specific gift.

   For me it is the ability to live in the physical world while maintaining constant communication with the spiritual world.  Since birth
, I've been able to see and communicate with spirits. I am also able to give you energy healing and pain relief.
   This site is an alternative source
of imformation that can be used for your personal progress.
This information could come from a past relative, a future event, or a change of mindset that will lead you to your answers.


                        START RIGHT NOW!


   Go to the, Readings page  to know a past,  present and future you. 
  Read,  " Living in 2 Worlds"  
- my book about growing up clairvoyant and the spirits that surround us all!

   Look at the Personal Guidance  page for those tough moments.

   Ask your  Free Question!   to see if this right for you.

   Start making your changes today!

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